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    Action Needed:  Share your Self-Governance Activities with OSG!

    The Department of the Interior Office of Self-Governance is requesting that Self-Governance Tribes update data, share their successes, and provide unique Tribal stories regarding their activities in 2016.  Click here to learn how to share your story today.

About SGCE

Who We Are:

We are a Tribally-based Communication & Education Consortium. We strive to ensure that the tenets and purpose of Self-Governance are accurately communicated and clearly understood by Congress, the Administration, the Federal government, non-participating Self-Governance Tribes and all other interested parties.

SGCE Mission:

The SGCE serves as an information clearinghouse on historical and current Self-Governance legislation, policy and implementation since 1988. To share information and knowledge about Self-Governance with Self-Governance Tribes, Tribal Communities and all other interested parties. To provide technical assistance to the Office of Self-Governance (Department of the Interior) and Office of Tribal Self-Governance (Department of Health & Human Services) with a focus on: what Self-Governance means to Tribes, defining and exploring relationships, and the key policy provisions and intent of the Self-Governance statutes.

SGCE Objectives:

  1. Conduct Workshops: Assessing the service needs of Self-Governance Tribes and provide on-site training and information sessions.
  2. Outreach and Education: Increase awareness and understanding of Self-Governance and provide information to Tribal nations seeking to exercise their right to be self-governing.
  3. Program Development: Development and disbursement of Self-Governance materials, including handbooks and relevant manuals.

What we do:

  • Obtain input from Self-Governance Tribes as to their service needs.
  • Develop, collect, collate, update and distribute Self-Governance materials.
  • Conduct information sharing sessions (workshops) about Self-Governance for new Self-Governance Tribes, new Self-Governance Councils and non-Self-Governance Tribes and other interested parties.
  • Coordinate and convene an Annual Consultation Conference for Self-Governance Tribes and non-Self-Governance Tribes and other interested parties.
  • Facilitate consultation with other Tribes on Self-Governance and forward Tribal perspectives to the DOI Office of Self-Governance and the IHS Office of Tribal Self-Governance.
  • Coordinate Tribal review and comments on Annual Reports to Congress.
  • Maintain Self-Governance legislative, planning and demonstration archives.
  • Respond to inquiries about Tribal Self-Governance upon request.
  • Monitor efforts to expand Self-Governance to other agencies within the Federal government and keep Self-Governance Tribes informed and updated about these activities.