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    Action Needed:  Share your Self-Governance Activities with OSG!

    The Department of the Interior Office of Self-Governance is requesting that Self-Governance Tribes update data, share their successes, and provide unique Tribal stories regarding their activities in 2016.  Click here to learn how to share your story today.

Sovereign Nations Newsletters

The “restart” of the Self-Governance Communication & Education Tribal Consortium newsletter, Sovereign Nations, just occurred in March 2016.

Originally established as a bi-monthly publication, the original Sovereign Nations was sent to Self-Governance Tribes, coordinators and stakeholders.

The new Sovereign Nations distribution is based on a quarterly calendar; to be published in both electronic and hard copy in March, July, September, and an end of year extended issue in December. Each issue will highlight Self-Governance Tribes from across the country leveraging their self-governance program to strengthen Tribal governments and services. This newsletter is a culmination of all of the great work put forth by Self-Governance Tribes and our collective effort to preserve, protect, and advance Tribal sovereignty, culture, history, treaty and self-governing rights.

We look forward to the growth of our storytelling, if you have story ideas and/or would like to be featured here please contact the SGCE staff at (918) 302-0252.

July 2017, Issue 6

March 2017, Issue 5

December 2016, Issue 4

September 2016, Issue 3

June 2016, Issue 2

March 2016, Issue 1