“Reclaiming Native Truth is a national effort to achieve equity, inclusion and policy changes that will improve the lives of Native families and communities. For the first time ever, we know what different groups of Americans — across socioeconomic, racial, geographic, gender and generational cohorts — think (and don’t know) about Native Americans and Native issues. We have learned how biases keep contemporary Native Americans invisible and/or affixed to the past and are holding back Native Americans from achieving political, economic and social equality,
as well as accurate and respectful representation. We have also learned what types of messages will begin to shift public perception.”

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Welcome to our new site!

We are still uploading information and refining/adding pages, but you are welcome to start exploring the Phase I release of the new tribalselfgov.org site. A number of  new features are available, including: a Self-Governance document library, new advisory committee pages, a Self-Governance map project, a timeline of key milestones in the history of Self-Governance and more.

Thank you!