1992- News from Indian Country: Tribal self-governance or Tribal self-determine: Is there a difference?

“At least 6 more tribes will contract with the federal government before the end of 1991. Thus far 28 tribes have received or will be receiving planning grants to determine the feasibility of this bilateral process for their nations. Joe De La Cruz, President of the Quinault Tribal Business committee, testifying at an oversight hearing on Tribal Initiatives for the 1990’s before the Senate Select Committee on Indian Affairs in May of 1990, stated that his tribe
had already encountered stiff opposition to their self-governance efforts from the BIA. “There hasn’t been cooperation,” De La Cruz said, “We didn’t expect it from the BIA or the Department of Interior.” Cruz observed that not only was the BIA refusing to comply with his tribe’s requests to provide independent negotiators, but was lethargically responding to other tribes’ requests for assistance.”

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