Senate Hearing on S. 1287, Tribal Self-Governance Demonstration Project Act

Senate hearing on S. 1287, The Tribal Self-Governance Demonstration Project Act.


Allen, William Ron, Chairman, Jamestown Klallam Tribe

Anderson, Marge, Chief Executive, Mille Lacs Band of Chippewa Indians

Brown, Eddie, Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs, BIA, Department of the Interior

Cagey, Henry, Chairman, Lummi Indian Nation, and Chairman, Lummi Business Council

DeLaCruz, Joseph, President, Quinault Indian Nation, and President, Quinault Business Committee

Inouye, Hon. Daniel K., U.S. Senator from Hawaii, Chairman, Select Committee on Indian Affairs

James, Gerald, Program Manager, Lummi Indian Business Council

Manatowa, Elmer, Principal Chief, Sac and Fox Tribe of Oklahoma,

Mankiller, Wilma, Principal Chief, Cherokee Nation

McCain, Hon. John, U.S. Senator from Arizona, Vice Chairman, Select Committee on Indian Affairs

Phillips, Dale, Chairman, Cocopah Tribal Council

Risling, Dale, Chairman, Hoopa Indian Tribe

Smith, Ken, Chief Executive Officer, Warm Springs Tribe

Stitt, Richard, Self-Governance Coordinator, Central Council, Tlingit and Haida Tribes of Alaska

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