TSGAC/SGAC 4th Quarter Advisory Committee Meeting ’17


    IHS TSGAC: October 24-25, 2017

    DOI SGAC: October 25-26, 2017

    Advisory Committee representatives confer, discuss, and reach consensus on specific self-governance issues and provide verbal and written advice about Self-Governance issues to the Indian Health Service and the Department of the Interior. As a result of active participation by members, the committee advances Self-Governance objectives by providing advice and input before final decisions on policy issues are made.  Anyone is welcome to participate in Committee meetings or contact their representative to review agenda topics and recent discussions.

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    TSGAC Meeting Documents Day 1:

    Meeting Packet

    OTSG Update

    Implementation of the IHS Quality Framework and Associated Initiatives

    Office of Resource Access and Partnerships Update

    Legislative Update



    TSGAC Meeting Documents Day 2:

    Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Implementation Update

    “Re-Imagine HHS Initiative”

    HHS Strategic Plan 

    IHS Strategic Plan Development

    SGAC Meeting Documents Day 1:

    Meeting Packet

    Office of Self-Governance Update

    Government Accountability Office

    Budget Update

    NCAI Appropriations Update

    Tribal Interior Budget Committee Update (OVW Update & Listening Session)

    Calling for Full Funding of the Federal Trust Responsibility and Ensuring the United States has the Revenue to Finance Federal Commitments in Tax Legislation

    FY2018 President’s Budget Update

    FY2019 & FY2020 Update

    Bureau of Indian Education-Johnson O’Malley

    SGAC Meeting Documents Day 2:

    HR 215 Update

    Race and Ethnicity Data from the U.S. Census Bureau

    Indian Economic Development, Labor and Population Data

    Population Data