DOI Request for Information on 2016 Tribal Self-Governance Activities

    On June 7, 2017, the Director of the Office of Self Governance (OSG) sent a memo requesting Self-Governance Tribes provide information regarding 2016  Self-Governance activities by August 15, 2017.  The information requested will be used as OSG prepares the 2016 Annual Report to Congress on the costs and benefits of Tribal Self-Governance.

    There are three ways Tribes may submit information to OSG:

    1. Minimum Data Collection Form:  A downloadable version of this form is available here.
    2. Tribal Reports or Brochures:  Tribes can submit other Tribal summary annual reports or brochures that the Tribe wishes to provide OSG.
    3. Tribal Program Highlight:  OSG is looking for Tribal programs to feature or highlight in the Annual Report including unique, innovative or best practices in implementing Self-Governance.

    This information is critical as the Tribal Self-Governance Program is dependent upon the ability to provide information on the progress achieved under the program.

    If you have questions, please review the full memo here and the frequently asked questions, or contact Vickie Hanvey at vickie.hanvey@bia.gov.