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IHS Announces New Quality Framework to Guide Delivery of Care

On November 16, 2016, Indian Health Service (IHS) announced its 2016-17 Quality Framework outlining how IHS will develop, implement, and sustain an effective quality program that improves patient experience and outcomes, strengthens organizational capacity, and ensures the delivery of reliable, high quality health care at IHS federal-government-operated, direct service facilities.

The Quality Framework was developed after assessing current IHS quality policies, practices, and programs, incorporating standards from national experts, consulting with Tribal Leaders and including best practices from across the IHS system of care.

Quality priorities outlined in the Framework are:

  • Strengthen Organizational Capacity to Improve Quality of Care and Systems
  • Meet and Maintain Accreditation for IHS Direct Service Facilities
  • Align Service Delivery Processes to Improve Patient Experience
  • Ensure Patient Safety
  • Improve Transparency and Communication Regarding Patient Safety and Quality to IHS Stakeholders ¬†

The IHS Tribal Self-Governance Advisory Committee (TSGAC) provided feedback on the draft Framework earlier this fall and looks forward to seeing positive results.

To learn more about the new Quality Framework, please see the November 16, 2016 DTLL, Quality Framework Implementation Plan, and the IHS website.