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EPA Seeks Public Comments on Draft EJ 2020 Action Agenda Framework

The open public comment period for the draft EJ 2020 Action Agenda framework (PDF) (5 pp, 162K) will last from April 15, 2015 to June 15, 2015. Written comments should be sent to

For more information or to participate in dialogue sessions with EPA, please contact Charles Lee (, Deputy Associate Assistant Administrator for Environmental Justice, or your Regional or Program Point of Contact.

This draft framework for EJ 2020 outlines EPA’s thoughts about the current efforts that require continued and focused attention, and what additional challenges we should undertake. This is just a draft; all comments and suggestions to inform and shape EPA’s EJ action agenda are invited and encouraged.

Tribal Consultation

The Agency is also conducting consultation with Federally Recognized Tribes on the draft framework from April 15 through June 15, 2015. This consultation and coordination process is being conducted in accordance with the EPA Policy on Consultation and Coordination with Indian Tribes. The letter to Tribal leaders initiating the Tribal consultation and the Agency’s Tribal Consultation and Coordination Plan for the draft framework can be found on the EPA Tribal Portal.