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Secretary Jewell Issues Order to Encourage Tribal Role in Managing Interior Lands with Native American Connections

Secretary Jewell announced the Order at the annual Alaska Federation of Natives Conference in Fairbanks, Alaska. In her remarks, Jewell shared that her Order facilitates collaborative partnerships and the integration of tribal ecological knowledge, practices and concerns into the management of federal lands, waters and natural resources where there is a connection to Tribal communities.
As outlined, the Secretarial Order guides Interior’s land management agencies to identify opportunities, consult with tribes, and implement cooperative management agreements or other collaborative partnerships as appropriate that relate to:
  • Management of fish and wildlife resources;
  • Identification, protection, preservation and management of cultural sites;
  • Management of plant resources, including collection of plant material;
  • Delivery of specific programs and services;
  • Management and implementation of agency-related maintenance activities; and
  • Managing public information related to tribal, cultural and/or educational materials related to an agency.
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