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VA Announces Plan to Consolidate Community Care Programs

The Veterans Administration (VA) released a plan proposing improvements for health care delivery to Veterans.  The plan focuses on how VA can enhance partnerships between VA and community providers and deliver care in the community more seamlessly. VA’s goal is to provide Veterans the best care anywhere.

The plan outlines a long-term strategy, dependent upon congressional approval and funding, and will be used as a starting point for discussions with stakeholders and Veterans.

VA recognizes that change of this magnitude takes time and is committed to making continuous improvements to access and community care programs.

The plan consolidates existing community care programs and enhances VA’s partnerships with other federal health care providers, academic affiliates, and community providers.

The plan will not immediately impact the health care benefits Veterans currently receive from VA . Rather, it is VA’s long-term vision for the future state of delivering timely, high-quality care in the community.

The overarching goals of the plan include:

  • Make access to community care easier to understand and easier to meet Veteran needs
  • Clarify Community Care for VA staff, and make it easier for community providers to partner with VA
  • Improve the Veterans’ experience across all touch points
  • Provide seamless connections between VA and community providers
  • Apply leading practices from health plans, health systems, and high performing VA programs
  • Prepare VA to evolve to meet new and changing demands and support healthcare trends

To learn more about the plan, click here.