Self-Governance Communication & Education Tribal Consortium

Tips for Filming

Tips for recording your content

• Speak clearly and project.

• State your name and title at the beginning of the recording.

• Ensure you have enough lighting but avoid strong overhead lighting that casts a shadow.

• Adjust camera to eye level. Try to avoid looking down at the camera.

• Repeat the question in sentence form as part of your response.

• Avoid acronyms to the extent possible. We want the knowledge we are capturing to be beneficial to as large of an audience as possible.

• Don’t rush. Feel free to answer the same question multiple times. The final footage will be edited by Kyle Bell and he can remove duplicate responses.

• If possible, try to make your background and location related to your presentation. For instance, if you are discussing the construction of a new facility, consider recording a portion of your presentation while touring the facility. If you want to record your presentation outdoors, let us know in advance and we can send you a lapel microphone to minimize wind and other noise.