Self-Governance Communication & Education Tribal Consortium


Implementing or Expanding Tribal Telehealth Programs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Potential questions/topics for Tribal officials and technical experts: 

  • What are the benefits of a telehealth program?
  • How do you figure out if a telehealth program can be successful in your community?
  • How to establish a telehealth program?
  • What are the ongoing issues with billing for telehealth?
  • How do you roll out a telehealth program and educate the community about the option to ensure maximum use?
  • Can Tribal citizens outside of the service area utilize the Tribal telehealth option?
  • How can providers ensure and protect patient confidentiality?
  • How do you establish rapport with a patient in a telehealth setting?

*Note: these are intended to provide guidance. Additional topics are welcome.