The Self-Governance Communication & Education Tribal Consortium newsletter, Sovereign Nations, highlights Tribal Nations from across the country leveraging their self-governance program to strengthen Tribal governments and services. This newsletter is a culmination of all of the great work put forth by Self-Governance Tribes and our collective effort to preserve, protect, and advance Tribal sovereignty, culture, history, treaty and self-governing rights.

January 2019, Issue 9

March 2018, Issue 8

December 2017, Issue 7

July 2017, Issue 6

March 2017, Issue 5

December 2016, Issue 4

September 2016, Issue 3

June 2016, Issue 2

March 2016, Issue 1


Access Sovereign Nations newsletters released from 1992 through 1998.

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We are still uploading information and refining/adding pages, but you are welcome to start exploring the Phase I release of the new site. A number of  new features are available, including: a Self-Governance document library, new advisory committee pages, a Self-Governance map project, a timeline of key milestones in the history of Self-Governance and more.

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