Sovereign Nations Newsletters

    The “restart” of the Self-Governance Communication & Education Tribal Consortium newsletter, Sovereign Nations, just occurred in March 2016.

    Originally established as a bi-monthly publication, the original Sovereign Nations was sent to Self-Governance Tribes, coordinators and stakeholders.

    The new Sovereign Nations distribution is based on a quarterly calendar; to be published in both electronic and hard copy in March, July, September, and an end of year extended issue in December. Each issue will highlight Self-Governance Tribes from across the country leveraging their self-governance program to strengthen Tribal governments and services. This newsletter is a culmination of all of the great work put forth by Self-Governance Tribes and our collective effort to preserve, protect, and advance Tribal sovereignty, culture, history, treaty and self-governing rights.

    We look forward to the growth of our storytelling, if you have story ideas and/or would like to be featured here please contact the SGCE staff at (918) 302-0252.

    January 2019, Issue 9

    March 2018, Issue 8

    December 2017, Issue 7

    July 2017, Issue 6

    March 2017, Issue 5

    December 2016, Issue 4

    September 2016, Issue 3

    June 2016, Issue 2

    March 2016, Issue 1