The 2024 Farm Bill presents an opportunity for the expansion of Tribal Self-Determination & Self-Governance authority to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. See below for additional information on USDA Tribal Consultations focused on the expansion of Self-Determination and updates related to the Self-Determination and Self-Governance opportunities being considered for the 2024 Farm Bill.

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USDA Tribal Consultations on Self-Determination

The USDA is holding three Tribal Consultations related to Self-Determination on Monday, June 3 and Wednesday, June 5, 2024 at the NCAI Midyear Convention. A virtual option is also available. Framing papers for each consultation are available below. SGCETC encourages Tribal leaders to let USDA know that it is time for Tribal governments to administer USDA programs, services, functions, and activities using Self-Governance authority.

Framing Paper on Self-Determination in Meat Inspection

Framing Paper on Self-Determination in Food Programs
Framing Paper on Self-Determination in Forestry

Tribal Leader Briefing Materials from the Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative

Native Farm Bill Coalition Legislative Updates

Comparing References to Self-Determination and Self-Governance in the House Proposal and Senate Summary (prior to House mark-up)

FAQs drafted by the Native Farm Bill Coalition
Marker Bills in Support of Self-Determination & Self-Governance in the Farm Bill

Senate Committee on Indian Affairs Hearing on “Native Priorities for the Farm Bill Reauthorization”

For Our People: Stories of Tribal Self-Governance and Sovereignty

Several stories from SGCETC’s docuseries, For Our People, are related to the importance and significance of Tribal Self-Governance over food and natural resources. Watch now!