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Self-Governance Related Laws and Regulations

1975- Public Law 93-638 – Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Acthistoric-materials laws-regulations
1984- PL98-250- To make technical amendments to the ISDEAA.historic-materials laws-regulations
1988- PL100-472- Indian Self-Determination Amendments of 1987historic-materials laws-regulations
1991- PL 102-184: Tribal Self-Governance Demonstration Project Acthistoric-materials laws-regulations
1992- PL 102-573- Indian Health Amendments of 1992historic-materials laws-regulations
1994- PL 103-413- Indian Self-Determination Act Amendments of 1994historic-materials laws-regulations
1994- PL 103-435historic-materials laws-regulations
2000- 42 CFR Part 36 – Final Rule to Implement the Tribal Self-Governance Amendments of 2000laws-regulations
2000- Final DOI Regulations for Title IVlaws-regulationsdoi
2019- Practical Reforms and Other Goals To Reinforce the Effectiveness of Self-Governance and Self-Determination for Indian Tribes Actlaws-regulations
2020- PL116-180- Practical Reforms and Other Goals To Reinforce the Effectiveness of Self- Governance and Self-Determination for Indian Tribes Act of 2019laws-regulations
BIA List of Self-Governance Lawsinterior laws-regulations federal-agencies