The expansion of Tribal Self-Governance to HHS programs in agencies outside of the IHS is a long-standing priority for SGCETC and the TSGAC. We encourage the Biden-Harris Administration to support Self-Governance expansion opportunities and the 117th Congress to consider and pass legislation authorizing a Self-Governance Demonstration Project for HHS programs. Historic and current information related to Self-Governance expansion can be found below.

Melanie Fourkiller, Director of Self-Governance and Health Policy, Choctaw Nation, discusses the benefits associated with expanded Self-Governance authority.
Geoff Strommer, Partner, Hobbs, Straus, Dean, & Walker, discusses the draft legislative proposal and prior efforts to expand Self-Governance authority.
View the Tribally-driven legislative proposal, a concept paper explaining the expansion effort, and a list of programs identified in the legislative proposal.
Expansion of Tribal Self-Governance authority has broad support throughout Indian Country. For instance, the Indian Health Service Tribal Self-Governance Advisory Committee, the HHS Secretary’s Tribal Advisory Committee, and the ACF Tribal Advisory Committee voiced support for the expansion of Self-Governance. In addition, several Tribal organizations have recently passed resolutions of support. We request that all Tribal nations and Tribal organizations consider passing a resolution of support.
Click here to download a template resolution of support. Please send a copy of your resolution to for inclusion below.

Resolutions of Support for Expansion of Tribal Self-Governance Authority

Efforts to expand Tribal Self-Governance are not new. For more than 2 decades, Tribal nations have sought this expanded authority.
Information on the historic efforts can be found below.

HHS Self-Governance Feasibility Study

The Tribal Self-Governance Amendments of 2000 required HHS to conduct a study to determine the feasibility of a Tribal Self-Governance demonstration project for HHS programs in agencies other than the IHS. The report concluded that the demonstration project was feasible.

Prior Legislative Activity

In 2003, legislation authorizing a Self-Governance Demonstration Project within HHS was introduced in Congress but was never enacted.

Self-Governance Tribal Federal Workgroup

In 2011, efforts to expand Self-Governance within HHS resumed and a Self-Governance Tribal Federal Workgroup was formed. Tribal workgroup participants developed a Concept Paper for the expansion of Self-Governance and draft legislation to address major barriers previously identified.