GAO’s Ongoing and Planned Reviews Related to Programs that Serve Tribal Nations, Their Citizens, and other Indigenous People

The United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) is a legislative branch agency that conducts reviews of federal agencies and programs. This includes programs that serve federally recognized tribes, their members and descendants, and programs for which other Indigenous people and entities may also be eligible (i.e., Native Hawaiians, members of state recognized tribes, and Alaska Native Corporations). GAO’s reviews seek to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of federal programs, and span a broad range of topic areas. GAO is committed to providing oversight of the federal government’s respect for tribal sovereignty and its fulfillment of the federal trust responsibility. For additional information, please contact Anna Maria Ortiz (

Selected Ongoing Work

  1. Interior’s Trust Functions (105356)
    • Pursuant to P.L. 116-260: Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021
    • Projected issuance: Spring 2023
  1. Border Wall Effects on Resources (105443)
    • Requester: Rep. Grijalva
    • Projected issuance: Summer 2023
  2. Indian Health Service Quality and Adverse Event Monitoring (105722)
    • Requesters: Sens. Murkowski; Barrasso; Fischer; Hoeven; Lankford; Rounds; Schatz; Tester; Udall
    • Projected issuance: Summer 2023
  3. Indian Health Service Facilities and Equipment (105723)
    • Requesters: House Energy and Commerce; Rep. Mullin; Ruiz
    • Projected issuance: Summer 2023
  4. DOI Real Estate Services for Tribes (105875)
    • Comptroller General Authority; Addressees may be added by request
    • Projected issuance: Summer 2023
  5. Accountability for Bureau of Indian Education Spending of COVID-19 Funds (105451)
    • Requesters: House Ways and Means Committee; Sen. Finance Committee; Others
    • Projected issuance: Fall 2023
  6. Tribal Food Security (106218)
    • Requesters: House Rules and Natural Resources
    • Projected issuance: TBD
  7. Electricity Microgrids in Tribal Communities (106278)
    • Requesters: House Natural Resources, Subcommittee for Indigenous Peoples
    • Projected issuance: TBD
  8. Administrative Duties and Credentialing of Indian Health Service Clinicians (106230)
    • Requesters: Senate Indian Affairs; Senate Appropriations Subcommittee; Others
    • Projected issuance: TBD
  9. BIA’s Monitoring of Tribal Wells (106307)
    • Requesters: Senate Indian Affairs; Senate Appropriations Subcommittee; Others
    • Projected issuance: TBD
  10. Native Hawaiian Health Care (106407)
    • Requesters: House and Senate Appropriations Subcommittees
    • Projected issuance: TBD
  11. Justice40 Implementation for Tribes (106511)
  12. Shadow Wolves (ICE/Tohono O’odham Nation Tactical Partnership) (106385)
    • Mandate
    • Projected issuance: TBD