2018- TSGAC Letter: Request for Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 105(l) Leasing Expenditures and Estimates

Excerpt: “TSGAC respectfully requests that IHS provides a full accounting of the reprogrammed and appropriated funds utilized to fulfill all of the FY2018 requests for 105(l) leases. This accounting should include the IHS Services line items that have been impacted, the impact of reprogramming changes by IHS Area, the number of leases requested, and the IHS Areas that submitted leases for IHS approval before the
end of November. We remain concerned that Tribal consultation was not adhered to during the FY2018 funding cycle would like to work with you regarding how to better address this moving forward. Information regarding these expenditures is needed as soon as possible so that Tribal leadership can better understand the changes and advocate for more supportive Appropriations outcomes.