2000- GAO Report- FEDERAL TORT CLAIMS ACT: Claims History and Issues Affecting Coverage for Tribal Self-Determination Contracts

“Under the first 15 years of the Self-Determination Act, tribal contractors generally assumed liability for accidents or torts (civil wrongdoings) caused by their employees. However, in 1990, the federal government permanently assumed this liability when Congress extended Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) coverage to tribal contractors under the Self-Determination Act. Originally enacted in 1946, FTCA established a process by which individuals injured by federal employees could seek compensation from the federal government. As a result of extending this coverage to tribal contractors, individuals injured by tribal employees may, under certain circumstances, seek compensation from the federal government. For example, if while responding to a call for assistance, a tribal police officer is involved in an automobile accident, the injured parties may be able to seek compensation from the federal government for their personal injuries and property damage.”