A Self-Governance Advisory Committee (SGAC) comprised of Self-Governance Tribal representatives was formally sanctioned by the Assistant Secretary – Indian Affairs (ASIA) in 1998, which provides the opportunity for Self-Governance Tribal governments to have input on the implementation of the Title IV amendments within the Department of the Interior.  Today, the SGAC provides information and advice to the Department of the Interior (DOI) Assistant Secretary -Indian Affairs (ASIA) and the Director of the Office of Self-Governance (OSG) regarding all Self-Governance programs, federal laws, regulations, policies and budget issues within Indian Affairs.

The SGAC also seeks to clarify issues affecting Self-Governance Tribes; make recommendations that the SGAC believes are in the best interest of Self-Governance Tribes without harming non-Self-Governance Tribes; and provide verbal and written advice about Self-Governance issues as needed or requested to the ASIA.

Please use the links below to learn more about the SGAC and current letters and policy.

SGAC Membership

SGAC Protocols

SGAC Letters and Policy

SGAC Quarterly Meeting Summaries